As Google puts more emphasis on your site’s authority and user experience, link acquisition and link building have become more important than ever! What is link building? – it describes the process of building hyperlinks from other websites back to yours. In a way, link acquisition and building go hand in hand with SEO and a large number of high-quality links that are typically one of the main reasons one page ranks higher than another in Google’s search results page. If you’re wanting to appear higher in the SERP organically, you need to improve your domain authority (DA) and one of the main ways this is achieved is through acquiring backlinks from other trusted websites.

In Google’s eyes, the more of these backlinks from sites with a high DA that are strong, relevant, and trustworthy, the more authority your site has and thus the potential for higher ranking. In this link building process, it’s important to earn backlinks through the creation of great content that users are wanting to share and not just building links solely for a search engine aimlessly. It’s also important to know the difference between “white hat” and “black hat” link acquisition and building. White hat refers to link acquisition that is done by the book (Google’s book) whereas black hat describes an unethical process that breaks Google’s policy. Not only are the links typically acquired through black hat practices low in quality, but Google can punish those they find to be violating their guidelines, costing you your rankings, and setting your SEO performance back. All of Sith Marketing’s link building efforts are white hat – done by the book and in accordance with Google’s policies.

Link Building Done For YouWhite hat link building practices can include:

  • Content creation
  • Guest posting
  • Building and maintaining online relationships
  • Business listings and website directories

How we do Link Building:

After working closely with your company to understand your business goals and what you consider to be a success, we create a strategy designed around you to successfully improve your SERP rankings through white hat link acquisition and building practices. Our strategies are unique to your business and what you consider a win and take an advanced approach that will obtain high-quality links to better your website’s DA. Contact our team of link building experts here for more information!

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